With 45 years of experience in manufacturing stones, investing on prominent production line and providing certified services, Livingtones SA is capable to evaluate, specify and detail an extensive range of projects. Prestigious projects in Abu Dhabi, Aruba, Athens, Berlin, Dubai, Doha, Dublin, Hong-Kong, Larnaca, London, New York, Paris, Singapore, Tokyo, Toronto, Tripoli, Washington have been assigned to our team by developers and contractors in coordination with architectural firms. Hospitals, hotels and resorts, office and residential buildings, landscape stone designs are some of the construction fields we have been involved with.

Our services include:

  • Stone Consultants
  • Quarry Management
  • Design/Manufacture cladding systems
  • 5-axis CNC/waterjet/cable-art fabrication
  • Blocks/Slabs/Cut-to-size projects

At a time when market is more demanding and competitive, when development, research and product certification are required, Livingstones SA provides:

  • Specialist advice on materials
  • Factory and on site stone testing
  • Material testing using UCAS accredited laboratories
  • CE marking regulation

Certification benefits both suppliers and clients. Suppliers can demonstrated to customers that their products and services will meet the appropriate standards. Clients get the confidence that their project is using certified products thus avoiding costly errors and reducing significantly the associated risk.

Our clients always experience the management services in getting:

  • information on Stones (samples, test data, mock-ups, maintenance)
  • technical support during and after the project
  • advice on how the specific stone can accommodate the specific design
  • cost estimation on the various alternatives
  • draft drawings accustomed to working from architectural sketch or cad details
  • world-wide installation services (flooring, cladding, kitchens, bathrooms, stone art) using experienced local stone masons