Our skilled people are the trustworthy elements of company’s accomplishments among the highly expertized workforce in our own quarries and factory.

The quarrying activity of the company was initiated back in the 1970s with Pentelikon White Marble before moving to Edessa in the mid 80s to excavate for more than a decade significant local Grey, White and various Beige Quarries before establishing their strength around the globally unique Edessa Black Marble and the Euro Travertine Beige Quarries.

The following key elements of our team encompass the guaranteed loyalty to living stones

- the modern technologically advanced processing equipment which are constantly maintained and upgraded
- the passion to excellence matched with extended experience specialized workmanship which guarantees rapid supply of materials at finest quality
- the 24/7 factory manufacturing capacity provides the valuable confidence of the scheduled deliveries to your site

which develops products of perfection in the form of slabs, cut-to-size tiles, steps, floors, facades and other covering finishes.

Living Stones’ team gives life and energy to your stone project.